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Posted on: September 17, 2018

HBSDealer announces M-D as one of two winners in their All Industry Logo Contest!

Earlier this summer our marketing team submitted the M-D logo to the HBSDealer contest. For us, the M-D logo is special as it represents the company's long history and our pride in being a family-owned domestic manufacturer. This contest provided us with the opportunity to share our logo with a larger audience.

The M-D logo has been in place for almost a 100 years. In that time, there's been little change to the logo. The initials in the logo originated from the companies original founders L.A. Macklanburg and H.M. Duncan who founded Macklanburg-Duncan Company. After the family divested and sold the business to the current owners, the Macklanburg-Duncan Company became M-D Building Products. (Learn more about M-D's History here.) "There is not much detailed history around the origin of the logo, that was created in 1920.", says Kipp Collins, M-D Executive VP, "However, over the years, the logo has only changed slightly. We like the stability, structure and simplicity that the logo represents to us. It aligns with our approach to business and commitment to domestic manufacturing."

It appears HBSDealer did as well and had these words to say, "At times in design less is more. The bold straight-forward graphic building structure with the bold black letters against the yellow background makes the logo pop, and speaks complete confidence." We couldn't agree more. Thank you, HSBDealer, for this honor.

For the full HBSDealer article please click here

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