Our History


It all began when L.A Macklanburg and his wife moved to their new Oklahoma City home in 1919. Prompted by the need to keep cold winter air and summer dust and dirt out, L.A. Macklanburg built the first weatherstripping in order to keep the elements from coming under his front door. Seeing an opportunity, he built a brass-folding hand-crank weatherstrip machine and took it to the Oklahoma State Fair in early July 1920, and thus a new entity was born.

  • 1920

    With his lead salesman, H.M Duncan, L.A. incorporated the Macklanburg-Duncan Company.
  • 1938

    Macklanburg-Duncan begin long standing partnership with ACE.
  • 1940's

    Due to the company's experience rolling metal shapes, the machine shop was used to supply product for the war effort. Production increased during World War II as aluminum and plastic were used for aircraft parts.
  • 1946

    Macklanburg-Duncan becomes one of the first vendors to partner with Lowe's.
  • 1949

    First company to put caulk in a tube for consumer use. Also during this time perfected the wood "American Level".
  • 1950

    Construction began on the 4041 N Santa Fe building. This building remains, still, our headquarters.
  • 1952

    1953, saw the first installation of a 6" Lake Erie Aluminum Extrusion Press followed by a second in 1955. They leaked so much oil they were nicknamed "Leak Erie". Nonetheless, aluminum extrusion manufacturing begins, giving Macklanburg-Duncan the ability to make many different types of aluminum profiles and enter various markets.
  • 1978

    Macklanburg-Duncan partners with The Home Depot as a weatherstripping vendor.
  • 1990

    Macklanburg-Duncan partners with Menards as a flooring vendor.
  • 1992

    Macklanburg-Duncan acquires SmartTool Digital Levels, formerly Wedge Technologies, in California as a complement to the company's strong vial level business.
  • 2000

    Macklanburg-Duncan divests the caulking and sealant business to GE. The current management team buys out the Macklanburg Family after three generations of leadership. Led by majority share-holder Loren Plotkin & his staff, a new company, M-D Building Products, is formed. M-D Building Products remains the leader in home weatherstripping and floor trims.
  • 2005

    M-D Building Products founded Tower Sealants, re-introducing M-D into the caulking business. M-D also reinvests in domestic US manufacturing through acquisition of its 1800 ton, 7" UBE aluminum extrusion press, taking the place of one 1950's era Lake Erie presses.
  • 2007

    M-D divests of its professional floor covering business and added the sublimation process to its manufacturing facility.
  • 2010

    M-D installs its 2200 ton, 7" Farrell aluminum extrusion press. This press allows M-D to improve productivity and relocate its engineered products business to Oklahoma City.
  • 2011

    M-D opens its new 82,500 sq. ft. warehouse and distribution center on the east side of Santa Fe. M-D also starts its new anodizing lineup for business.
  • 2012

    M-D Building Products acquires Loxcreen Flooring Group. Loxcreen's seven locations allowed M-D to diversify its business. M-D expanded market share into Canada, re-entered the professional flooring business and accelerated its custom aluminum and vinyl extrusion businesses.
  • 2017

    M-D expands OKC facility by adding 100,000 square feet of distribution space and a new vinyl clad department.