The exceptional quality standards we demand of our products begin long before they’re picked from any shelf. Converting raw materials into finished goods that our customers trust takes commitment to excellence in every step of the process. We take pride in our long history of North American manufacturing, providing safe, quality, stable jobs for over 800 people across eight locations.


Aluminum Extrusion

The aluminum extrusion process requires an aluminum billet to be melted and pressed through a profile die. Our three aluminum extrusion presses operate 24/7, allowing us to create a variety of innovative profiles and products quickly and cost efficiently. Together, our presses produced 18.5 million pounds of extruded aluminum a year. That's equivalent to 573 million 12oz soda cans that, when stacked end-to-end, circle the earth 1.6 times!

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Vinyl Extrusion

Extruding vinyl requires PVC pellets to be melted and extruded through a profile die. M-D’s 30 vinyl extruders operate in four different locations throughout North America, producing a variety of flexible and rigid plastic profiles. The extruders in Oklahoma City, OK and Mississauga, ON, Canada primarily serve our consumer and professional channels, while the extruders in Woodburn, OR and Brooklet, GA produce materials for our M-D Plastics business. This unit produces components for manufacturers nationwide.

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Anodizing is an environmentally safe electrochemical process that is used to convert aluminum metal surfaces into a porous aluminum oxide. The end product is a more durable and weather-resistant finish. When combined with the abundant color selection and brite dip finishes available, these capabilities create endless aesthetic possibilities. The anodizing process happens exclusively in our Oklahoma City, OK facility, where we anodize six million pounds of aluminum a year.

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Powder Coating

Powder coating is the process of painting with dry powder. Products that are powder coated are protected with a durable, long lasting and environmentally friendly finish that stand the test of time. M-D’s Oklahoma City headquarters provides all powder coating services for the company.

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Wet Paint

The wet paint process takes places exclusively in our Hayti, MO facility, where we are able to paint materials up to 30 feet in length. Wet paint allows us to offer an option for customers who prefer a more traditional process than powder coating and it works well on more complicated shapes, providing a more even finish.

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Sublimation requires taking a material from a solid state to a gas, then back to solid. The process uses heat and pressure to transfer any pattern or image onto the surface of metal. Sublimation takes place at our Oklahoma City headquarters.

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Fabrication & Packaging


M-D’s fabrication services include consumer and OEM fabrication. We provide customized products and CNC machining for greater precision and cleaner finished products. Our wide variety of equipment allows us to provide punch, cut, hammered and brushed finishes; match nearly any type of vinyl or aluminum; apply tape, and build custom window and door screens.

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M-D creates packaging for both our consumer and OEM products at several of our facilities throughout North America. The process begins with putting appropriate labels and hardware with the main product then placing them in a bag and carton for shipping. Our OEM products are custom packaged and can be kitted to our customers’ specification.

Foam & Sponge Tape Manufacturing

M-D produces foam and sponge weatherstripping tape at our Oklahoma City, OK facility. The process begins with a liquid material applied to a paper backing. After the material is baked, the liquid expands and solidifies creating our various density foam and sponge tapes. Tapes are then cut and packaged to our customers’ specification.

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Caulk Manufacturing

As the first company to put caulk in a tube for consumer use, we have a long history of producing and consistently improving our product. Our high-capability research and development lab and state-of-the-art equipment and facility work in tandem to produce high-quality caulk with fewer technical defects and consistent extrudability. We specialize in private label programs in addition to offering consumer programs within the Tower and Dupont labels.

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Digital Level Manufacturing

Our digital levels are made with a sensory disc, which is produced with proprietary solutions in our Clean Room in Oklahoma City. This sensory disc is the brain behind our Smart Tool Digital Level, allowing a .05 degree of industry-leading accuracy.


We are a regional distributor for our Metal Source customers. Our OEM locations are strategically placed throughout North America to maximize speed and efficiency. Because of our high volume and dynamic business model, we are able to ship against long orders and create more stable lead times for our customers. For our consumer business, we ship to other distribution centers, individual stores or directly to customer homes.