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Tower Sealants Announces Expansion in Gainesville, Georgia

Posted on September 18, 2017

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (September 18, 2017) -- Tower Sealants, a Gainesville-based manufacturer of top-quality caulks and sealants, will unveil its updated facility to the public on Sept. 19. In early 2017, Tower Sealants announced plans to grow operations, modernizing its current facility and further expanding its product offerings.

“We are thrilled with our expansion in Gainesville and believe it further solidifies Tower Sealants’ robust contribution to our local and state economy, while securing our future in the region,” Tower Sealants Executive Vice President and General Manager Dale Tomazin said. “Our new, state-of-the-art production wing will inject more job opportunities into the community and allow us to deliver additional high-quality products to our customers.”

Tower Sealants was founded in 2006, and since its founding has provided more than 50 jobs for the Gainesville economy as well as expanded to approximately 250 different quality, American-made products for professional painters across the United States and Canada. Some of Tower Sealants’ biggest customers include independent paint stores such as PPG and Benjamin Moore.

“Our product offering and our people set us apart,” said Tomazin. “We’ve been able to expand within our market while adhering to the highest quality products and customer service that is a cornerstone of our business. With this expansion, we are now able to double our caulking and sealant output as well as continue to research the next generation of products to maintain our role as a market innovator.”

Tower Sealants' water-based caulking technology and use of Teflon surface protector sets the business apart from similar producers. In 2008, the company added an additional competitive edge by partnering with DuPont to incorporate the chemical conglomerate's Kevlar technology into many Tower products. In addition to traditional caulking and sealants, Tower Sealants produces specialized sealants for mortar, stucco and concrete repair.

“Tower Sealants remains a stalwart in our community,” Gainesville Mayor Danny Dunagan said. “With their track record of manufacturing success and forward-thinking management, their welcome expansion is no surprise. We look forward to its positive impact on Gainesville, from both business and philanthropic perspectives. Tower’s growth is an encouraging sign for Georgia’s future, and we are excited for many more years of manufacturing excellence and community leadership by their employees and management.”

“I want to thank Mayor Dunagan for his continued support, as well as the support of the City of Gainesville and the state of Georgia for creating a positive business environment,” continued Tomazin. “This is an exciting time for Tower Sealants.”

About Tower Sealants

Tower Sealants is a manufacturer of top-quality caulks and sealants.  With the strong financial backing of M-D Building Products, Tower Sealants started construction of its new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in September of 2005 and opened for business March 1, 2006.  Understanding the need for quality, service and innovation in an ever growing-paint store channel, Tower Sealants recruited a strong and industry-respected management team to focus on these markets. Tower Sealants developed high-quality formulations that deliver productivity and efficiencies to the professional painter. In addition, Tower purchased the latest mixing and packaging technology to deliver consistent de-aerated products with air-free filling.