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Energy efficiency products providing the quickest and easiest Return on Investment for your home or business. These envelope sealing products lead the industry in both utility and style, ensuring you savings on your utility bills and comfort in your home or building.

Residential: Home sealing and insulation products for everyone from the DIY-er to the Professional Contractor. These are our most popular products to increase home energy efficiency.

Rolled Packaged Door & Window Weatherstrip
Nearly 30% of all building energy loss occurs through gaps in door and windows, including those between the frame and the wall. These gaps allow outside air to invade the house or “conditioned” air from inside to escape. This category includes a long list of M-D Building Products items designed for use in sealing doors and windows.

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Window Specialty Weatherstrip
Energy loss occurs by conduction and radiation through glass panes. The most effective increase in energy efficiency involves the creation of a dead air space over the window that acts as an insulating barrier. M-D Building Products offers two products which create this energy efficient barrier as well as a general purpose sheeting product.

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Garage Door Weatherstrip
The garage can act as a huge heat sink for your house, staying uncomfortably warm in the summers and frigid during the winters. Sealing a garage door is much like sealing a standard door, however since the size and variations in gaps are much larger in the garage, special weatherstrip must be used. M-D Building Products offers solutions for the reduction in energy efficiency which occurs all around the garage door.
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Air Conditioner Weatherstrip and Covers
In order for your air-conditioning unit to be as efficient as possible, it is important to properly seal your window units for use and protect the air-conditioner during those seasons which the unit is not run. M-D Building Products offers solutions to with specially sized products regardless of how your home is conditioned during the summer months.

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Specialty Application Weatherstrip
Energy loss occurs in a variety of unsuspected places around your home, business or even vehicle. Gaps behind outlets and switches can act as huge holes in your wall while unevenly fit campers can create opportunities for dust and water infiltration and annoying vibration. M-D Building Products offers solutions to many of these areas where waste of energy and materials occurs.

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Pipe Insulation
Energy efficiency is often compromised on the long stretches of pipe in your building. For hot pipes, heat loss occurs while cold pipes often gain heat through their runs. M-D Building Products offers solutions to insulate your pipes while adding protection from freezing in the cold and limiting condensation or sweating of cold pipes in warm, humid air.

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Door Sweeps
Energy loss through the bottom of doors is the most commonly addressed area to improve your home or building’s seal. Sweeps are installed on the face of the door so that a seal is formed when the door is closed. These products are easily installed and need to be regularly replaced to ensure the building is insulated. M-D Building Products offers a number of different finishes and technologies to best suit your individual home sealing application.
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Door Bottoms & Drip Caps
Energy loss through the bottom of doors can be minimized with the installation of a door bottom in conjunction with your smooth top threshold. This combination provides a weatherproof seal between the bottom of the door and the top of the threshold. Drip caps also provide your exposed entry ways protection by diverting water away from the door bottom and thresholds. M-D Building Products offers multiple combinations of new and replacement door bottoms and drip caps that will most entry doors.
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Rigid Door Jamb Weatherstrip Kits
Energy loss occurs on the sides and top of entry doors in all seasons. Along with a door sweep or door bottom, installation of door jamb Weatherstrip will increase your home’s energy efficiency by reducing gaps around your entry ways. M-D Building Products offers a variety of door jamb products that suit any new or replacement application.

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Bronze Spring Sealing Door Weatherstrip Kits
Our “Original Weatherstrip” has been used since the early 1900’s as a method of sealing the home. It is very durable under normal conditions and often performs well for decades after installation, however should be immediately replaced should it become damaged, as it will become a rapid source of energy loss. M-D Building Products provides this and other easy to install weatherstrips for the door and window applications.
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